Best Handyman in Raleigh and Jacksonville

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Need a hand with your Short Term Rental?

No job is too large or too small. Call Garrett, your premier handyman, at (920) 737-3658 for your free estimate over the phone today.

Want help with your home that’s not a rental? No problem, we’re happy to help anyone in need!

Trusted Experience

My name is Garrett Sowle and I have 16 years of construction and home maintenance experience. I have been maintaining and improving my 10 Short term rentals for many years and have seen it all! Take a look at how my rentals are renovated furnished and maintained at

Quality and Professional

As a former corporate America engineer I know how to prioritize and multi-task to ensure your home is repaired, renovated, or maintained with the highest in quality workmanship in a professional manner.

When it comes to maintaining your short term rental, choose the expert in the industry. It’s what we do every day!